Can I use the Tech Connections Cloud PBX if my on-premise PBX fails

Can I use the Tech Connections Cloud PBX if my on-premise PBX fails

Can I use the Tech Connections Cloud PBX  if my on-premise PBX fails?

Yes, absolutely.

·        Location: CloudPBX > select number > Inbound Calls

·        Summary: Setting up a second layer of redundancy on your PBX.

·        Detail: Leverage our hosted cloud PBX voice service to provide your PBX with a second layer of redundancy, regardless of whether you are connecting via Peering or Registration.


Registration: Enable Call Forwarding to redirect to your specified alternate number(s) if the call isn’t answered within a designated time.

SIP Peering: If you don’t have a secondary IP/PBX, you can also enable Call Forwarding to redirect calls to alternate numbers. When our Active Polling service detects that your circuit has been off-line for more than 10 seconds, inbound calls will failover through to the alternates specified in your Call Forward.

Quick Guide

Step 1: Call forwarding

This service is only available to direct Inbound calls to alternate numbers in the event of a loss of data service.

  1. Log into
  2. Click Voice > Line Manager
  3. Click on a number and then select Incoming Calls > Call Forwarding
  4. Set your Call Forwarding preferences including numbers and time schedules
  5. Click Save to update your settings.



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