Presenting Non-Hero Numbers for Outbound Calls

Presenting Non-Hero Numbers for Outbound Calls

Presenting Non-Tech Connections Numbers for Outbound Calls

Non-account numbers can be presented on outbound calls, though by default, the caller ID is your number supplied by CloudPBX provider. Subject to verification that you are the number(s) owner. To verify a number that was not provided by CloudPBX provider contact your provider, they will link the required numbers to your account.

Quick Guide

Step 1: Apply for a Verified Non-Account CLI

  1. Log into > Voice tab and select the number you want to set up
  2. Select Outgoing Calls > Caller ID & Privacy
  3. Click on the link    
  4. Enter your phone number you wish to present as CLI on your account.
  5. Answer the call and enter the PIN number you are presented with to enter followed by the '#' key.  If succesful you will need to configure the number per Step 2 below
  6. If you are unable to call the CLI back for some reason then you will need to send us proof of ownership of the number by emailing our support team.

Step 2: Associate the non-Tech Connections number

  1. Log into > Voice tab and select the number you want to associate a non-account number with.
  2. Select Outgoing Calls> Caller ID and Privacy
  3. Choose from the dropdown Verified non-account selection your non-account number
  4. Select Save
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