Shared Line Call Appearance

Shared Line Call Appearance


The Tech Connections Shared Line service enables you to have up to 6 devices or phones registered against a single Tech Connections number at the same time. When someone rings the Tech Connections number all phones/devices will ring at the same time. A great example of this is if you have Tech Connections App (Softphone) and a VoIP handset or dual mode cellphone.

Instead of having a Tech Connections number for your handset/cellphone and another Tech Connections number for your softphone - simply use the same number on both and no matter where you are people will be able to reach you. Tech Connections Shared Line is also useful in a small office situation where you have Shared Line and want it to ring all the office phones at once. Of course if you're away from an area with internet access you can still use the Simultaneous Ring service to have your cellphone or landline ring as well.

Enabling the Shared Line Call Appearance Feature:

By default the shared line call appearance feature is DISABLED on all lines.  Before you can enable the shared line call appearance feature you will need to turn the feature on against the phone number that you wish to enable this for.  Simply login to the customer portal, go to the 'Voice' tab and then click on the phone number you wish to enable shared line call appearance on.  In the line (call flow) page, click on the 'Incoming Calls' dropdown menu and select 'Simultaneous Ring'.  The simultaneous ring settings page will appear and at the bottom of this settings page you will see a checkbox:

[ ]   Enable shared line call appearance feature on this line

Click this checkbox and press 'Save' and now the shared line call appearance feature will be enabled on your line.

Here's how to setup the feature on your phones:

You should choose one device as your primary device. In the SIP settings for your primary device enter your Tech Connections number and password as usual. For each additional device you will need to add a suffix to your Tech Connections number/login. The suffix will need to take the format of a dash followed by the number 1-5. Each device will need a different number/suffix or else the service won't work. The password is the same for each device.

The maximum number of devices you can register against one Tech Connections number is 6 including your primary device

Here's a sample/example configuration: 

  • Primary Device - Cisco VoIP handset - Login as '092420000'
  • 2nd Device - Tech Connections Desktop App (Softphone) - Login as '092420000-1'
  • 3rd Device - Tech Connections Smartphone App - Login as '092420000-2'
  • etc.

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