Gigaset Cordless IP Phones - Manual Configuration

Gigaset Cordless IP Phones - Manual Configuration

Gigaset Cordless IP Phones - Manual Configuration

Configuring the phone via the Web configurator

We recommend using the base stations web user interface to configure each handset.

  • Establish the telephone’s current IP address on the handset
  • Control button on right side of handset
  • Settings (spanner icon)
  • Registration
1 control
2. settings
3. registrations
  • Enter http:// and the telephone’s current IP address (for example: into the address field of the Web browser.
  • Press the return key.
  • A connection is established to the phone’s Web configurator.

On the Web UI follow the steps below

  • Login default password: 0000
  • Select: Settings |Telephony | Connections
  • Select Edit the required extension
  • Personal Provider Data
    • Authentication Name:  <your phone number> (e.g. 092420000)
    • Authentication Password: <your password>
    • User name:  <your phone number>  (e.g. 092420000)
  • General Provider Data
    • Domain:
    • Proxy server Port: 5060
    • Register server:
    • Refresh Registration: 180 seconds
    • Save settings: SET
4. Gigagset settings
5. Gigaser connections

NB – the Gigaset are typically slow to acknowledge the handsets registration and can take 30 seconds to change status to Registered.

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